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Birth date: December 13, 1951. Education: 1969-1975, Kiev State Shevchenko University, Biological department. Academic degree: Ph.D. (1991), Sci.D. (2001). Academic status: Professor (2004). Affiliation: Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Position: Head of the Department of Human Genomics. Scientific awards: Ministry of Education and Science award (2004). Major research interests: human molecular genetics, genome mutations, human genome diversity and evolution. Scientific papers: 157.

On L.A. Livshits own initiative and direct participation the molecular genetic researches of hereditary deseases of monogenic nature and molecular genetic heterogeneity analysis of regional population in Ukraine were started. First the data about the nature, origin and mechanisms of mutant genes expansion, that cause hereditary deseases with early infant mortality and high invalidization:(cystic fibrosis, pheniketonuria, spinal muscular atrophy, muscular Duchenne dystrophy, fragile X-chromosome syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth desease, Friedreich`s ataxy, hereditary hemochromatosis, Huntington`s desease, haemophilia А and hereditary corneal dystrophies) and also men and women infertility in Ukrainian population were obtained. The results concerning spectrum and distribution of certain mutation types and their association with desease phenotype were received. First the new mutation that causes the cystic fibrosis development, spread only among Slavic population, was characterized. Molecular genetic methods for DNA diagnostics (including prenatal diagnostics) of abovementioned deseases were developed and are being applied to health protection practice in Ukraine.

The studies of the inherited mutations in children of Chernobyl cleanup workers is an important research direction of L.A. Livshits. The priority-driven information about the children genofond status on DNA-sequence level was obtained and the mechanisms of mutagenic effect of irradiation during gametogenesis were characterized. First in Ukraine the collection of more than 3000 samples of leucocyte DNA was created. This collection consists of DNA collected from high risk family members of the most spread hereditary deseases and the members of Chernobyl cleanup workers families, as well the healthy population from different regions of Ukraine.

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Selected publications:

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